Interior and Exterior Fabric Selections

Fabric color choices

The Color Swatches shown above are for the Exterior Screen Housing and Side Tracks.

This selection of Solar Shade fabrics by Phifer, Mermet, and Ferrari represent what we believe to be the best fabrics on the market in terms of performance, aesthetics, and minimum maintenance issues. We have a broader range available if you do not find what you want within these choices.

Some of the fabrics are “Interior Use Only” and some can be used for interior or exterior. The general rule of thumb is that “darker” in color fabrics allow more visibility than “lighter” colors. The reason is that the dark fabric absorbs the light and the lighter colors reflect the light, similar to a projection screen.

For Exterior blackout or privacy, the only fabric choices are the Ferrari solids. For Interior blackout, there is a broader range of colors and textures.

The percentages (%) refer to how much heat/glare is blocked out and how much light is let in. This mostly affects visibility. For example, a 1% fabric will block more heat/glare but will allow less visibility than a 5% or a 10% fabric. Percentages of opacity do not affect price.

As to privacy – During the daytime, any of the fabrics are going to offer a fair amount of privacy. At night time, the visibility is reversed. Unless it is a blackout fabric, you would be able to see inside about as well as you would see outside during the day.

All of the Exterior fabrics are extremely durable and can be washed with soap and water and are mildew resistant.

For Insect Screens, we normally recommend the “Tuff Screen” or “Pet Screen” as it will keep the insects out, but is also a little more durable than the standard Insect Screen.

The “Clear Vinyl” selections that you see are mostly used for greenhouse purposes so that you can keep the cold out while letting the sunlight in. It could act as a windbreak for smaller openings but would not work for large openings and offers no protection from heat/glare.

Retractable Awningfabrics are completely separate and are not part of this selection.

Please email our friendly, knowledgeable staff with any questions pertaining to fabrics.

SW 4000 Interior or Exteriior