Why Best Motorized Shades?

  • We only use proven Somfy RTS motors
  • High level of experience through our Professional Somfy Certification
  • Friendly Tech Support offered on all products
  • Custom solutions available due to our vast experience
  • Volume Dealer pricing and lower operating costs means better value for the end user

What types of Window Treatments can be motorized?

  • Horizontal Blinds - wood, faux, metal Roman
  • Shades Woven Wood Shades Roller Shades
  • Curtains / Drapery
  • ...more, just ask!

Motorize Existing Window Treatments Service

Best Motorized Shades specializes in motorizing window treatments such as Wood Blinds, Curtains/Drapery, Roman Shades, Woven Woods, Roller Shades, and more. BMS is an industry leading Motorization Expert for Somfy. We offer competitive pricing on parts, so you are also welcome to purchase motors and controls through us and retro-fit the project yourself.



  • Fill out our price request form listing types of window treatments, quantity, and sizes
  • Choose options for type of motors and controls
  • Upon receipt of job order, we will send you packaging supplies and instructions
  • Ship your existing window treatments or drop ship your new window treatments to our family owned shop here in central Texas. *(Except Drapery Track – We ship track to you and you hang the curtain)
  • We motorize, shop test, and adjust settings on your new motorized window treatments
  • BMS ships back the motorized window treatments and controls
  • Re-install your custom motorized window treatments and enjoy!

Sample motorization costs:

We are providing these estimated costs so that you realize how affordable this process can be. Also, it helps save all of us time in the event you or your client are not ready to commit this range of money to motorize at this time. Actual costs could be more or could be less depending on specific job requirements and quantity, but this should give you a good idea of cost. These approximate costs include everything but package materials and shipping.

  • Horizontal Blinds (tilt only, no lift) (battery) ……..…….. $299ea
  • 12’ long Drapery Track (110v) …………………………$950 ea
  • Roman Shades, Woven Woods (110v) ………………… $375 ea
  • Roller Shades (battery) ………………………………… $425 ea
  • Roller Shades (110v) …………………………………… $285 ea

To set up a consultation please contact Best Motorized Shades using the contact form


Most people would love to add more convenience to their lives. Best Motorized Shades makes it simple and convenient to adjust the window covers for all types of windows. Whether it is a large floor to ceiling window or simply a window that is tough to reach, imagine the satisfaction of being able to control the shades with a few simple buttons.


With Best Motorized Shades you control the amount of incoming light. You can create just the right atmosphere depending on your mood and the time of year. Allow maximum light in to create a cheerful, bright look or limit the light for more privacy. Whatever your mood the controls are at your fingertips to make the necessary changes.


An investment in a home or business can be quite costly. It really makes no sense to spend so much money on a place and to simply exist in an uncomfortable situation because of too much light or a lack of privacy. Motorized shades can help you improve the comfort of a room by cutting out glares on TVs, reducing exposure to sunlight and also minimizing loss of heat or cool air through the windows.