Hurricane Shutters to meet Any Window Need

BMS offers a wide variety of hurricane protection products. Our hurricane shutters are TDI, TWIA, and Miami-Dade tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes and are designed to meet a number of specific needs. When the winds blow, our storm shutters will protect your windows, your possessions, your home or business.

At BMS, we specialize in helping homeowners, business owners and architects protect properties while preserving and enhancing aesthetics. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years and have built our reputation one window at a time. Our diverse product line includes rolling shutters, Bahama shutters, accordion shutters and Steel Screens. Every product we offer begins with the highest quality products, carefully manufactured to ensure performance.

When it comes to storm protection, our hurricane roller shutter designs offer the most versatile protection. These shutters are multipurpose so our customers can count on getting value and plenty of use from their purchases, as well. Not only do our hurricane shutters provide protection from storms, but they can also deter burglars and help you conserve energy. When our roller shutters are properly in place, they provide a solid barrier between your home and its valuables and would-be burglars. The barrier also works to help shade a home or business and protect it from temperatures that are really high or low.

Who Uses Rolling Shutters?

Anyone with openings on their building, of course! Any door or window can benefit from the addition of a rolling shutter. Regardless if you are a homeowner or a business, rolling shutters are a smart choice.

What Can They Do?

Reduce the amount to energy gain / loss transmitted through a building.

All non insulated spaces in a building are targets for energy transfer. Windows conduct the greatest amount of energy transfer. During the warmer months of the year the sun shines into windows, heating rooms in the house throughout the day. As the heat enters the room, air conditioners must operate at higher rates to compensate for the adjusted temperature. During peak sunshine hours, the amount of energy transmitted into a room can become unbearable. Cooler weather draws heat out and cold weather in, causing higher heating bills due to constantly fluctuating temperatures.

You can lower energy bills throughout the year by improving the insulation to key areas where energy is transmitted. Rolling shutters physically block outside elements and prevent energy from escaping on the inside. 

Comfort & Privacy

The world around us continues to produce more and more sensory pollution- that is anything that can cause distraction or irritation. Imagine the peacefulness of your interior if you could block all of that out…Outside elements produce large amounts of distraction in many different ways. Total privacy can only be achieved by completely blocking all outside sources of disturbance. The noise of busy streets, construction, excessively loud neighbors can more than disrupt your indoor activities. Imagine how yoga, reading, homework, a quiet dinner, exercise, or even listening to music could be enhanced from a serene atmosphere. Rolling shutters also create a physically solid barrier between you and outside elements, adding a privacy level unattainable by blinds, curtains or other window coverings. No more running for the phone in your towel, worrying if you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood.

Light Reduction

Rolling shutters allow total light control in a room. Switching between a fully lit room to complete darkness, or anywhere in between is done with just the touch of a button. This allows you to take a nap even during broad daylight. Convert your living room into a theater style setting and grab a bowl of popcorn. Movies take on a whole new level of excitement when all other annoying elements are eliminated. Anything is possible with Roll Shutters.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is another common element that continues to increase in our ever growing environment.

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun contribute to fading of furniture over time. Using rolling shutters will prevent the sun from fading your favorite couch for many years to come.