Motorized or Manual Blackout Shades are more than simple solar shades.  Commonly referred to as "Room Darkening", blackout blinds or blackout shades are used to block out as much light as possible for a variety of purposes.  Blackout Blinds can be used in media rooms to prevent glare while watching movies, blackout shades can be used in bedrooms to allow for more restful sleep, blackout shades can be used in commercial settings such as conference rooms for projection presentations as well as privacy.

The components that differentiate Blackout Shades from regular shades are:

  • Housing - which needs a back and a front, or "cassette" design.
  • Fabric - Needs a solid backing, usually white, with a colored and textured front.  Several colors available
  • Side Channels - "U" shaped channels that attach on the sides and bottom which the fabric slides through preventing light gaps
  • Construction - Fabric needs to be "welded", not sewn to prevent pinpoints of light

Manual operation can be with continuous loop chain.  We prefer Nylon as it is one continuous piece and rarely breaks, in comparison to metal bead chains that are segmented and break often.  Motorized options are Battery Operation (12v), Low Voltage with transformer (24v), or line voltage (110v).  All can be controlled by handheld remote, wireless wall switch, or automation systems with correct interface.