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Motorized Blinds – San Antonio, Austin and Nationwide

      • Solutions customized to fit each home and project - We help you specify what you need for your project, not just sell you what we have in stock!
      • Broad selection of products manufactured at the highest quality available in the market - Somfy Motors standard, German components, premiere fabrics, custom fabrication and solutions backed by experience at all levels!
      • Top level Technical expertise through our advanced Somfy certification - Platinum distributor level
      • Deal directly with the owner who is experienced in all levels from manufacturing to installation - See "About BMS" for background and list of recent projects!
      • Manufactured in central Texas convenient to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, South and West Texas - NATIONWIDE DIY shipments at wholesale cost and full installation and information support
      • Dealer and installer for - MechoSystems (Mechoshades), Lutron, Hunter Douglas (Comfortex), Springs (Graber), as well as many other window treatment companies...
      • Nationwide sales and support on all products - Many successful DIY clients saving thousand$!
      • Financing now available!

The goal at Best Motorized Shades is to produce high performing motorized shades resulting in  hassle free installation and quality performance. Located in the beautiful hill country of Texas convenient to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, we specialize in motorized blinds solutions as well as applications for the exterior of a home or commercial building using our patio porch shades and retractable awnings. If you just need protection from Insects, we offer a line of insect screens that will keep out the smallest of insects! We offer a wide selection of Woven Woods and Roman Shades, Honeycomb (Cellular) Shades, and blinds that can be automated with one of our control systems. For companies and homeowners looking to increase protection we also have a line of security shutters.  BMS offers distributor level pricing for Hunter Douglas (Comfortex), Springs (Graber) as well as other manufacturers to compliment our full range of customer shades, shutters, and blinds. We can meet all of your needs for any motorized or manual shade project, whether interior or exterior. To see some of our shades in action you can view the videos of our installations. These are our actual installations, not someone else’s videos that have been copied. If you are outside of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Texas we offer nationwide DIY sales and support that will save you money.  To set up a consultation please contact Best Motorized Shades using the  contact form:

Best Motorized Shades does not feel that automating your window treatments is simply a luxury. Best Motorized Shades looks at it as a way of enhancing a lifestyle. Research has shown that motorized shades are used 60% more than manual shades and has less warranty issues in general. Modern technology has made it possible for nearly any type of window to have some kind of motorized window treatment.  Motorized Blinds wood or faux, Roman Shades, Woven woods, and many more.  This enhancement provides homeowners and business owners with savings in energy costs as well as increased comfort thanks to more privacy, glare elimination and reduction in UV rays that harm furniture, floors and paintings. If you have a media room or a conference room with large windows you may want to consider our blackout shades to control the amount of lighting coming from the outside.

Motorized Shades=Convenience

Most people would love to add more convenience to their lives. Best Motorized Shades makes it simple and convenient to adjust the window covers for all types of windows. Whether it is a large floor to ceiling window or simply a window that is tough to reach, imagine the satisfaction of being able to control the shades with a few simple buttons.

Motorized Shades= Control

With Best Motorized Shades you control the amount of incoming light. You can create just the right atmosphere depending on your mood and the time of year. Allow maximum light in to create a cheerful, bright look or limit the light for more privacy. Whatever your mood the controls are at your fingertips to make the necessary changes.

Motorized Shades=Comfort

An investment in a home or business can be quite costly. It really makes no sense to spend so much money on a place and to simply exist in an uncomfortable situation because of too much light or a lack of privacy. Motorized shades can help you improve the comfort of a room by cutting out glares on TVs, reducing exposure to sunlight and also minimizing loss of heat or cool air through the windows.

Nationwide Sales and Support by Somfy Certified Professional staff!  Manufactured in central Texas convenient to Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas

Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades or commonly referred to as Roller Shades are window treatments that use a solar fabric on a metal roll and is covered by a fascia or valance.  They are used to block heat and glare and provide privacy but be easily retracted protecting the view.  Best Motorized Shades manufactures using the best components available.  Motors are by Somfy, the industry leader in quality and support.  Bracket systems and fascia are by Roll Ease and Acmeda with others by request.  Fabric for heat, glare, privacy are by Phifer, Mermet, Textaline, Ferrari.  Service and installation are by Best Motorized Shades located in the beautiful hill country of Texas convenient to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston with nationwide sales and service for DIY clients.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds are horizontal wood or faux blinds that can be motorized to control tilt the slats and in some cases raise the blinds altogether.  We normally use Graber for the blinds, but can use Hunter Douglas or any other manufacturer's blinds.  The motor kit is by Somfy and comes in either battery power, or 110v power.  Controls are wireless and can be either wall mounted or handheld or tied into home automation system.  Best motorized shades manufacturers and retro-fits for the industry in central Texas convenient to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, but ships on a regular basis all over the USA to trades and DIY clients.

Motorized Blackout Shades

Motorized Blackout Shades are similar to solar shades, but the fabric has a solid backing to prevent light from coming through.  Other aspects of electric blackout shades are the housing which has a back and comes in square or round cassette form in the front.  "Normal" fascia systems do not have a back, just a front fascia so light can come in through the back.  Also, for complete blackout, side and bottom U channels are needed.  The fabric is by either Phifer or Mermet and comes in a variety of colors and textures.  Power can be either low voltage battery power or 110v and motors are by Somfy, the industry leader in motors and controls.  Motorized Blackout Shades are perfect for conference rooms, media rooms, and bedrooms.  Motorized shades serving Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and nationwide including blackout shades.  Motorized blinds sales and installation manufactured in Texas.

Motorized Shade Remote Control

Motorized blinds and shades, Texas and nationwide including installation in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston.  Exterior patio and porch screens, electric motorized window shades, roller shades, blackout shades.  Manufactured in Texas.